CORA Impacts Families Every Day

Our Educators Make A Difference
April 22, 2016

sunboyGreg’s mother, Diane knew to contact CORA when she suspected concerns about her son’s academics. It was CORA counselors that made a difference in her son that impacted his path forever. The educators at CORA, Nancy and Marty guided Diane as parent of a struggling second grader. Greg was a happy kid who loved school but didn’t see the results in his weekly test folder. At eight years old, Diane was heart broken to see her son with low self-confidence. Her first son was embraced school with ease that the sibling rivalry added to Greg’s discouragement. Through the kind and nurturing techniques of CORA, Greg learned skills to believe he could do well in school. Diane remembers the reassuring words of the CORA staff telling her that Greg would be successful. It was Nancy’s patience that helped Greg learn to read more efficiently. Today, Greg is excelling in the world and was invited to attend Community College’s Honors Program. He is now in the process of transferring to Temple to finish his degree and he hopes to pursue a career in law enforcement. It was CORA that was there in the formative years to help build Greg’s core education and confidence.

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