IBHS Program


CORA’s Intensive Behavioral Health Services Program (IBHS) is a CBH-funded program that serves children from ages 3-21 in select Philadelphia public, charter, and private schools. Our IBHS program addresses the behavioral concerns of youth and teens related to their behavioral health diagnosis in the home, school, and community. We aim to provide support to youth and their families to meet each of their individual needs. Please contact our intake department to see if your child qualifies to receive services through our IBHS program!


IBHS Program Goals:

• Overall improvement of Clinical Symptoms
• Keep children & youth in their homes
• Decrease the need for hospitalization or a higher level of care (CRC, PHP, Inpatient, Residential)
• Enhance a sense of Competency for the client & family in the home & school settings
• Improve School attendance & Advancement to the next grade level



Services Offered through the IBHS Program

Individual Services:

• Behavioral Consultation-lead clinicians on the team responsible for creating, monitoring, adjusting the client’s treatment plan to address the ongoing behavioral needs of the clients
• Mobile Therapy-responsible for addressing the social/emotional needs of the client; conducts weekly sessions with in home or in school-setting
• Behavioral Health Technicians-responsible for the daily implementation of the client treatment plan; provides 1: 1 support in the school-setting, home-setting, & in the community
• Care Coordination- address case management needs & crisis management assistance, & care coordination across agencies/parties
• Family Peer Specialists- empower & support the client and family system through every aspect of treatment


Group Services
• Group Mobile Therapy- provides weekly behavioral & skills-training therapy for groups of identified students in the school-setting



Program Admission Criteria

  • School-aged children, youth, and young adults ages 3-21, attending one of our assigned Cluster Schools. Please check to see if your child’s school is on CORA’s list by Calling our program Admin Assistant, Damon Mayfield
  • Those who have Medical Assistance insurance (Keystone First, Aetna Better Health, Health Partners, United Healthcare (Community Plan))
  • Those struggling with serious/chronic behavioral, emotional or behavioral issues
  • Those struggling with specific skill deficits, whom could benefit from skills-training
  • Those having a diagnosis of ASD, ADHD, ODD, Conduct Disorder NOS (and other diagnoses if they lead to the above challenges) or those whom would meet the criteria for such diagnoses


Making a Referral to our IBHS program

  • Request a referral packet and send the completed packet to:

Damon Mayfield at (215) 701-2520 or at dmayfield@coraservices.org



Program Leadership Contact Information:
Jesa Galloway, MA, LPC
Clinical Director, Clinical Services Division
215-701-2746 (O), 215-888-8373 (M)

Chuk Akaluka, CORA-IBHS Managing Director, Clinical Services Division
 215-701-2500 (O), (215) 828-9068 (M)

Next Steps, What to Expect:
• Parent/guardian will be contacted by our Intake Specialist to schedule a Level of Care Assessment (LOC) within 5 business days.
• The Level of Care Assessment will be conducted to determine if a client is appropriate for IBHS.
• Services will commence upon Community Behavioral Health (CBH) approval