Teaching and Parenting Mindfully

December 17, 2018

CORA Services Conference Center
CORA Services
8540 Verree Road
Philadelphia, PA 19111

The purpose of this workshop is to explore how mindfulness skills can be helpful in navigating the challenges of teaching and parenting. Bringing mindfulness to the relationship you have with your children (as a teacher or parent) will help to enhance the personal connection and promote a sense of calm and balance in your home or classroom. You will also learn about the research-backed benefits of mindfulness on improved attention, decreased anxiety, enhanced emotional regulation and heightened empathy.

Presented by: 

Julie Goldstein, M.Ed, LMFT is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist at Growth Opportunity Center. Her career journey began as a SpeechLanguage Pathologist working with patients who suffered stroke, head trauma, and other physical ailments affecting speech and language functions. She returned for further education when she found her role
as a speech-language pathologist requiring a great deal of counseling. After receiving an M.Ed in Counseling at Temple University, she had additional training at the Family Institute of Philadelphia and then worked in hospice and in an outpatient cancer center.

Cost: $100.00

For more information call 215.701.2629 or register online here.

Registration begins 1/2 hour prior to stated program time. Pre-registration is required. Cancellations made LESS THAN 72 HOURS before the programs will NOT be refunded.

Objectives: As a result of this interactive workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Introduce the main concept within the practice of mindfulness with children and present hands-on experiences
  • Learn mindfulness practices that are appropriate for children that can e used to help them focus, improve emotional regulation, and facilitate learning
  • Provide a tool kit for kids to become calm in the midst of stress
  • Learn way parents and caregivers can support and even join with their children mindfully

Intended Audience:

This program will benefit Psychologists, Social Workers, Mental Health Counselors, Educators, Principals, Teachers, Graduate Students, and other practitioners within mental health and education who provide direct services and/or parent/teacher consultation for this population.

Credits Offered: 3 credits for

  • Act 48
  • NBCC
  • Pyschology credits
  • SW, MFT, & PC


8:30       Registration

9:00       Conference

10:30       Break

10:45       Conference

12:15     Evaluation and conclusion

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