After-School Spotlight

Utilizing Arts to Build Confidence

impact-04CORA’s Community Service Division oversees two afterschool and summer projects in local schools. CORA’s program at Northwood Academy Charter School serves over 80 children during the school year and 120 during the summer through a variety of activities and clubs to keep students engaged with learning in a safe and fun environment. In addition to its regular programs, CORA collaborates with external partners to introduce and enhance special skills and interests best provided by specialists in their fields. One such collaboration was with ASAP (Afterschool Activities Partnerships) to bring drama club activities to the youth during the past school year to develop positive behavior and creative expression.

Katie Tidey, CORA’s Northwood Site Coordinator, comments that

…”exposing young people to art and culture can have a big impact on the growth of children. Our drama instructor, Susan Chase, works with students in 3rd and 4th grade. Throughout the year our kids that were involved in the arts have improved with their critical thinking, and verbal skills.”

One third grade student became a shining star through her involvement in drama club. Her role as Mowgli in “The Jungle Book” helped her break out of her shell to show her true spirit. The Northwood Drama Club, facilitated by Ann Clayton, enabled students to have a deeper understanding of theater and to how to work collaboratively with others. In May, CORA kids joined all of the OST Drama clubs throughout the city who came together for a culminating club showcase to perform five minute versions of their plays. CORA’s “The Jungle Book” was also performed in its entirety at the Northwood Charter School gymnasium for family and friends.

Afterschool Arts programming such as this is a great example of how CORA values the importance of the Arts to children’s optimal development as Arts learning improves motivation, concentration, confidence, and teamwork. CORA is very grateful to ASAP for its continued support of children’s services through programs such as drama club.

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