CORA Impacts Families Every Day

Our Educators Make A Difference

Diane knew to contact CORA when she had concerns about her second-grade son’s academics. Greg was a happy kid who loved school but didn’t see the results in his weekly test folder. Diane’s first son excelled in school, and the sibling rivalry added to Greg’s discouragement and low self-confidence. CORA’s educators walked alongside Diane and Greg, assuring them and equipping them with the skills needed for Greg’s academic success. Through their kind and nurturing approach, Greg not only learned to read more efficiently, but to believe he truly could excel in school. This experience with CORA years ago was a turning point for Greg. In the years since, he has been invited to attend Community College’s Honors Program and is now in the process of transferring to Temple to finish his degree and then pursue a career in law enforcement. Greg is just one of thousands of children for whom CORA has been instrumental in setting them on the path to success during their formative years.

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