New Foundations Career Day at CORA

School Services Inspire Youth in Career Choices
November 13, 2015

thumbnailNew Foundations Charter School (NFCS) for its annual 10th Grade Career Shadow Day Program. Over the past five years, NFCS students have been provided with the opportunity to shadow professionals working in a wide-range of career industries for the day. CORA Services was one of the local organizations to show the youth how to prepare for the their futures. Through the program, students gained a greater knowledge regarding the roles, responsibilities, and expectations of their careers of interest. This year, 10th grade students were placed in CORA’s Early Years Program at Fox Chase and LaSalle as well as the school counseling program at St. Matthew’s School.

Read some of meaningful experiences the students had:

    • 10th Grade student, Harley Riling shadowed Mary Ann Donnelly, a counselor at St. Matthew’s School. She commented,“My CORA experience was full of inspiration. She brought me so much knowledge about what I want to do in life.”
    • Ashley Pierre, who shadowed Kristen Moore at CORA’s Early Years Program at Fox Chase stated, “My experience was fun, entertaining and educational. The most valuable thing that I gained from this experience was the fact that my career choice will be able to help these wonderful children.”

CORA’s participation in the NFCS Career Shadow Day Program assists the students in confirming their career paths so they can make more informed decisions regarding their post-secondary options.

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