Substance Abuse Treatment

FC4CORA Services Community Services Division provides PA Licensed drug-free, outpatient drug and alcohol treatment programs for children, adolescents, adults, and their families. While clients receiving service in this department have primary substance abuse diagnoses, they very often have co-occurring mental health problems. CORA’s clinicians strive to provide a treatment which addresses both of these aspects of the client’s difficulties, in a manner which is meaningful to the client and most likely to yield the most rapid and substantial improvement of the presenting problem(s). Case management services are offered in conjunction with treatment services for adolescent clients who may benefit from additional support and service linkage opportunities.

Download the brochure here. CORA Substance Abuse 2019 Brochure


  • Initial assessment
  • Service planning
  • Individual, group and family therapy
  • Case management (adolescents only)
  • Service and resource referrals


Eligible clients are those adults and adolescents presenting with problems related to substance use and who reside in Philadelphia County.

Access Service

Contact CORA’s Community Services Division to discuss your needs and set an appointment.


Most costs are covered for clients whose benefits are provided through Medical Assistance Programs managed by Community Behavioral Health (CBH).