Create a School Partnership with CORA

CORA offers a variety of services which enables your school to customize the service-array to meet the needs of your students. Services are provided by credentialed professionals in education, school psychology, school counseling, speech & language pathology, and occupational therapy. CORA can be engaged to provide an individual service or a suite of services managed by an integrated clinical team, with the added benefit of seamless communication across disciplines and with school personnel. CORA can provide per-diem assessment work and part-time or full-time staffing.

Quality of Service

CORA’s expertise in delivering school and community-based services is well established in the service community. In addition to quality direct service personnel, CORA’s supervisors of Education, Psychology, Speech, Occupational Therapy, and Counseling train and develop all CORA staff and oversee service delivery. Supervisors can provide consultation to both CORA staff and school personnel for complex clinical and/or legal cases.

Catholic School Week Ty 1CORA School Services provides various review procedures and quality controls to assure high quality service delivery, including:

  • Staff supervision
  • Staff professional development/meetings
  • Internal auditing of evaluation reports
  • Staff observations
  • Progress monitoring
  • Regular meetings with school’s personnel to review service delivery

Our Partnership

CORA will collaborate with you as a partner in education and will seek to develop a relationship with your school to address whatever need may arise. As it has always been, the needs of children and families remain at the heart of our services.

Based on the unique needs of your school, CORA will work with you to customize services to your students. CORA’s flexible design can meet staffing needs from per diem through full-time staff with supervision.

CORA’s team of professionals can adapt quickly to changing needs in your student population.

CORA has the capacity to provide clinical coverage during any extended staff absences or ‘gaps’ in service. The professional staff that CORA provides to work in your school will be CORA employees or subcontractors interviewed and approved by CORA clinical staff. As with all CORA services, designated clinical staff are available to provide continual oversight to handle any staffing issues, and meet regularly with school personnel.

Core School Services

Additional Services

Support Services

CORA provides support staff to assist school personnel in the following areas:

  • ACCESS Billing
  • Integration of Staff Logs
  • Monthly Evaluation Totals
  • Monthly Staff Sessions (to track staff productivity and services minutes required by IEPs)

Get Started

  • Philadelphia non-public schools may request CORA as their service provider through the School District of Philadelphia Intermediate Unit’s annual contract process. Contact CORA to discuss benefits to your school.
  • Public school districts, charter schools and other organizations may contact CORA to develop a partnership.