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Who We Are

Meet a few of our staff members and get an inside look at what makes us unique.
  • AnnMarie Schultz

    Chief Executive Officer
    Team member since 2002

    What’s your favorite CORA moment?
    I’ve been here since 2002, so there have been many, many incredible moments in that time. One of the top moments that comes to mind is when I was first hired by CORA. I had been hired for one job and quit after the first day. I did not think the role would be a good fit. I certainly thought that would be the end of my CORA career. Instead, within a week I was contacted again for a different role. I love this story because it showcases how CORA recognizes the importance of ensuring that talented people are placed in roles where they will flourish and grow.

    What is one big challenge facing CORA?    
    CORA has benefited from the dedication and talent of many individuals who began their work here with our founder, Sister Charity. Many of them are reaching the end of their careers, and with their departures the agency will be challenged to keep the vision and dedication of the founder alive with a new generation of services to a transforming community. If in ten years we can look back and see that this transition has successfully happened; that we have cultivated new leaders who can truly represent CORA well and our mission is present and alive, then it will be the most rewarding experience and worth all of the challenges of change that we are facing.

  • Kristen Moore

    Director, Early Years at Fox Chase
    Team member since 2006

    What advice would you give to someone applying to a job at CORA?
    CORA is a great place to work with a friendly and caring atmosphere. CORA not only focuses on the needs of the community but also on the development and growth of their own employees.

    What’s your favorite CORA moment?
    My favorite CORA memory was Early Years’ 1st Polar Express Day in the Conference Center. The teachers put a lot of work into making sure the theme of the movie was captured throughout the whole morning. Watching the children’s faces all light up with excitement as they got their tickets from the ticket booth and gave it to the conductor was such a rewarding feeling for everyone involved in planning this big day. All of the children dressed in pajamas and the teachers dressed as characters from the movie. The children walked into the theme song of Polar Express and one of the preschool teachers started a fun dance party in the center of the room.

  • Erica Dura

    Program Coordinator
    Team member since 2012

    What advice would you give to someone applying to a job at CORA?
    Show your passion for our mission. We love bringing on staff who are as enthusiastic as we are. Be ready to commit to an array of projects and really enjoy each aspect of them. The beauty of CORA is even though you may be in a particular department, you have the opportunity to become involved in other projects and other aspects of CORA. The more you immerse yourself, the more you can appreciate our work.

    What is your favorite part of your job?
    I really enjoy coming to work every day for two reasons. I love the CORA environment and sense of unity in our building. Everyone is friendly and caring of each other. The second reason is obviously our mission. There is no better feeling than watching a student who was receiving service from CORA transition out of our program due to success. In my mind, CORA doesn’t have to be the regular 9-5 job that people want to get away from; it can be a mission of your own, a lifestyle of applying and fulfilling your own legacy and passions!


Find out what it’s like to work at CORA.

We’re always learning through team work and feedback. We give, seek and act on feedback so that we can reach our goals. Feedback moves in every direction—up, down and across—because we know this is what makes us excellent. We ask for help when we need it. What this looks like at CORA:

  • Team meetings
  • Director and supervisor meetings
  • Internal/external professional development opportunities
  • Onboarding and role-specific mentoring
  • Committee participation on organizational initiatives and events


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