Speech & Language Services

STMW3The primary goal of school-based Speech and Languages Services is to remediate or improve student communication challenges within an educational environment in an effort to support a student’s academic progress and social-functional interaction. Service delivery is tailored to the student’s age and ability and may utilize assistive technologies to promote communication.


  • Individual and group screenings
  • Assessments/speech and language testing
  • Diagnosis and Individualized Education Plan (IEP) development
  • One-on-one or small group speech/language therapy sessions
  • Consultations with educators and parents/guardians
  • Classroom workshops/presentations
  • Team model approach to service delivery


  • Students in grades K-12 in contracted schools who are referred for service by a teacher, administrator or educational specialist.
  • Independent evaluations available through direct request.

Access Service

  • Philadelphia non-public schools may request CORA as their service provider through the School District of Philadelphia Intermediate Unit’s annual contract process. Contact CORA to discuss benefits to your school.
  • Public school districts and charter schools may contact CORA to develop a partnership.