Substance Abuse Intervention

FC2Substance Abuse Intervention is designed to provide access to counseling and related services for youth with pre-diagnostic levels of use and/or experiencing a family member’s substance use and/or higher degrees of exposure to substances that may increase their own risk for new or continued use. This group includes adolescents whose substance does not meet diagnostic criteria for treatment. Service is also available to youth at greater risk for involvement with court, truancy, dependency or delinquency systems as these factors are also highly correlated with youthful substance use. Parents/caregivers and siblings of affected youth are also invited to participate in this service.

Service options include needs assessment/service planning, individual, group and family counseling intervention services and service linkage referral. The focus of service is psychoeducational with an emphasis on reducing risk by developing critical decision making and relational skills that support resiliency and protective factors in youth and families.

Download the brochure here:
CORA Substance Abuse Brochure


  • Initial assessment
  • Service planning
  • Individual, group and family counseling
  • Service and resource referrals
  • Professional Consultation with clients’ schools, other service systems or service providers


Philadelphia County youth ages 10-21, with pre-diagnostic levels of use, significant exposure to use, or at higher risk of use.

Access Service

Contact CORA’s Community Services Division to discuss your needs and set an appointment.