• 18,000 total clients reached in over 140 schools in three counties and two states
  • 117 children participated in one of our two Early Years pre-school programs
  • CORA provides services in over 140 public, charter and private schools
  • CORA reaches over 6,500 students with large group guidance counseling, addressing topics like cyber-bullying and stress reduction that affect many students’ ability to succeed in school
  • 674 Early Intervention services to 430 children in 50 preschools, daycares and homes in Philadelphia.
  • Community Services Division provided 22,831 services to 1,625 clients and 835 callers for resource assistance.





Peer Helpers
A Tradition of Leadership
“Working with little kids, makes me feel advanced and helpful” says Katrina, an eighth grade Peer Helper at St. Christopher’s School in Northeast Philadelphia. For over twenty years, CORA’s Peer Helper program... [Read More]
Family Intervention
One Mother's Love and Gratitude for CORA
Pat was a single mother in the 1980’s with two young children. One of the youngest of her own family, she found herself without many peer resources to help her navigate parenthood.... [Read More]
Seedlings Program
CORA's School Services Partners with Elwyn
Lauren thought she won the lottery when her four year old son Mason was enrolled into the Elwyn Seedlings program. This early intervention preschool for ages 3 – 5 year olds is... [Read More]
Intensive Prevention Services
How does CORA prevent crisis?
A young teen reacted to his fears of being threatened by loading his backpack full of fireworks. He was referred to CORA, and it was CORA’s Intensive Prevention Services that facilitated a... [Read More]
Supporting Our Stars
CORA's Speech Therapy Empowering the Arts
Every day, CORA therapists work with students to help them become the best that they can be. This year, one seventh grade student at Philadelphia Academy Charter School in Northeast Philadelphia (PACS)... [Read More]
SEPTA Partnership
Helping our students on the route to success
Siobhan Ideishi, CORA’s Occupational Therapy Director, partnered with Lois Rosage, an Occupational Therapist at SEPTA, to help students at Mastery Charter Simon Gratz High School to utilize public transportation. The goal was... [Read More]
Early Years Recognition
CORA's Support from Mothers, Educators, and Community Leaders
One of our CORA parents remarked, “In the past six months since enrolling my three year old child at CORA’s LaSalle Preschool program, I have witnessed considerable growth. Due to the immense... [Read More]
School Counseling
Special Relationships that bond our Staff to the Students
Benjamin is a ten year old boy with a rare form of atypical HUS which compromises his immune system, requiring him to receive blood transfusions every two weeks.  This rare disease has... [Read More]

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