NPSSOC3CORA Services equips and empowers children by offering support that will provide each child with the capacity to maximize his/her potential for success in and out of the classroom.

CORA provides a range of school support services in public, charter, and private schools throughout the region. Services including academic support, occupational therapy, psychological services, speech and language services, and school counseling are provided to students who are struggling in certain areas which are affecting their academic growth. CORA’s Student Assistance Program and Truancy Services work with students at risk of substance use, mental health issues, truancy or other behavioral health concerns which impact their learning.

Through Act 89 funding, CORA provides counseling, education, psychology and speech services to over 12,000 students in 62 nonpublic schools in Philadelphia. Additionally, CORA has partnered with the Mastery Charter Schools in Philadelphia and Camden, NJ as well as several other Philadelphia-based charter schools, to provide assistance to students who are struggling in certain areas which are affecting their academic growth.

Having provided these services for over forty years, CORA is well equipped to design and deliver services sensitive to the needs of the students in a challenging educational environment. Students in grades K-12 are eligible to participate in one or more of the services. CORA staff place a strong emphasis on the needs of the whole child, utilizing a team approach to service when appropriate.

Working in a caring non-threatening environment, students focus on the achievement of established goals through various student centered activities. The main goal is to assist the student by providing the impetus for success in the classroom.

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