Student Assistance Program

CORA-29CORA Services provides behavioral health needs assessments in schools throughout northeast Philadelphia through the Student Assistance Program (SAP). Assessment services support the school SAP team’s efforts to identify and remove obstacles to a student’s learning.  Substance use or mental health issues often play significant roles in ongoing achievement and performance problems.  For a parent/guardian or educator who has concerns about a student who appears to be experiencing marked behavior changes, a pattern of unusual behavior, or a high level of emotional distress, a behavioral health needs assessment is the first step in getting help. CORA’s professional staff assess the nature and severity of suspected substance abuse or mental health concerns, determine the level of care needed, and provide referrals for treatment or other helpful services.

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  • Behavioral health needs assessment
  • Service and resource referrals
  • Consultation services to SAP teams, parents and youth regarding referral / treatment / intervention strategies and resources


  • Students in grades K-12 in contracted Philadelphia public and charter schools and to those age-appropriate youth who are not attending school.
  • A student may self-refer or agree to a referral by a parent/guardian, school personnel or other party.

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