Mission & Values


Rooted in a tradition of care and compassion, the Mission of CORA Services is to assist children, youth and families experiencing emotional, academic and social challenges which impede their development and productivity. A private, not-for-profit service organization located in Philadelphia, PA, CORA Services provides an array of comprehensive professional services focused on prevention, intervention, remediation and referral assistance.

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The Vision of CORA Services is to provide new perspectives, direction, empowerment, and hope for children, youth and families.

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  • We believe in the value of each person and the individual’s unique potential for growth.
  • We believe in helping children, youth, and families with problems by intervening within the interlocking environment of home, school, culture, and community.
  • We believe in helping children, youth, and families to develop a consistent atmosphere of understanding and acceptance which is supportive of positive growth.
  • We believe in a pragmatic service system approach which is focused on prevention, active and early intervention, remediation, and the development of coping skills inherent in the human spirit.
  • We believe in networking as well as offering clients referral assistance to appropriate providers in order to maximize opportunities for success.