Psychological Services

CORA school psychologists work with the parents/guardians, teachers and administrators of partner schools to create a successful learning environment for each child. A psychologist will assess a student’s specific pattern of abilities and learning styles in order to determine appropriate expectations of a student’s success and lay the groundwork for an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or other learning plan. Through professional evaluations and assessments, psychologists help to identify, assess, and remove barriers for children who have social, emotional, and behavioral challenges impeding academic success. Additionally, psychologists offer their expertise through consultations with parents/guardians and educators and trainings on topics of concern.


  • Psychoeducational assessments
  • ADHD screenings
  • Social-emotional assessments
  • Mentally gifted evaluations
  • Cognitive evaluations
  • Recommendations on accommodations, strategies, and other services
  • Consultations with school personnel and parents/guardians
  • Workshops/trainings for school personnel
  • Team model approach to service delivery


  • Students in grades K-12 in contracted schools who are referred for service by a teacher, administrator or educational specialist
  • Independent evaluations/consultations in specific areas available through direct request.

Access Service

  • Philadelphia non-public schools may request CORA as their service provider through the School District of Philadelphia Intermediate Unit’s annual contract process. Contact CORA to discuss benefits to your school.
  • Public school districts and charter schools may contact CORA to develop a partnership.