• Overview:
    CORA offers a range of services to assist children, youth and families experiencing emotional, behavioral or situational difficulties. Staff provide an array of services with concentrations in family strengthening, substance use and mental health and overall risk reduction and wellness promotion in families and communities. Services focus on prevention and intervention with the goals of mitigating, preventing or delaying the onset of more involved behavioral health, child welfare or juvenile justice issues.
  • What can I expect:
    Client services are generally family-focused and goal-oriented and begin with a family-involved comprehensive needs assessment that results in a tailored service plan with a focus on the strengths of the client and family.
  • Are there fees:
    Many programs are publicly subsidized with flexible eligibility criteria. Applicable fees may be greatly reduced through health insurance coverage and CORA’s adjustable fee schedule.
  • What are the eligibility requirements:
    Many services are funded through City of Philadelphia contracts and are thus limited to County of Philadelphia residents.
  • How do I access services:
    Please call us at 215-342-7660
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    CORA Clinical Services General Brochure