Early Years Recognition

CORA's Support from Mothers, Educators, and Community Leaders

impact-03One of our CORA parents remarked, “In the past six months since enrolling my three year old child at CORA’s LaSalle Preschool program, I have witnessed considerable growth. Due to the immense support that I received from all the teachers and the Director Mary Doughty, my son Demetrius has thrived. Without their collaboration and support, I do not think that we would have been able to get this far. Demetrius and I are excited about the next two years here at CORA Early Years. Finding affordable child care and Pre-K programs for my son was a huge concern. I have peace of mind knowing that my son is being cared for and educated by a dedicated staff who puts his needs and success first.”

Working families across Pennsylvania face hard realities: More than 17,000 Philadelphia children do not have access to quality, affordable Pre-K, and 68% of Pennsylvania children younger than age 6 have both parents in the workforce. Quality and affordable early childhood education is one of CORA’s missions to support families in the Philadelphia community. Both the Fox Chase and LaSalle locations are rated “Keystone Star 4” for the services they provide to the children daily. Parents are grateful to send their child to a safe and nurturing environment. The parent-child-teacher relationship is bonded through the various learning activities and communication. Research shows that children thrive in the school atmosphere when they are exposed to reading and writing at an early age. CORA’s preschool reputation is first-rate among the elementary schools due to the readiness of our children for kindergarten.

In April 2016, CORA’s Early Years program was chosen as a site to be recognized for our excellence in early childhood education. Several city representatives visited our schools and were impressed with CORA’s dedication to the children. Councilwoman Cindy Bass attended a Parent Appreciation Breakfast to read to children and participated in a roundtable discussion with CORA parents. Councilman Al Taubenberger commended CORA on the partnership with LaSalle University and the Clarke School for Hearing Impaired. Philadelphia Federation of Teachers (PFT) and the Within Reach Campaign joined Mayor Kenney at CORA Early Years to help promote universal pre-K to residents of Philadelphia. To incorporate PA’s One Book, Every Young Child program, Director Mary Doughty has engaged leaders to read consistently to our children. Mayor Kenney took time during his tour to read “The Kite” to the children and answer fun questions.

“Where do you work, Mr. Mayor”, asked a child.

“There is a tall building downtown called City Hall” replied the Mayor Kenney.
“Oh, Silly Hall, I have been there,” responded another child.

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