Giving Thanks for Partners

CORA Services, Clarke Schools and La Salle University
December 11, 2015

201512_10On Tuesday, November 24th 2015, families from Clarke School for Hearing and Speech and CORA Early Years came together to be thankful for teachers and staff that serve their children daily.

Clarke Schools provide children who are deaf or hard of hearing with the skills they need to succeed. This early intervention school provides a unique learning environment designed to maximize each child’s development. A team led by Director Judy Sexton provide mainstreaming inclusion opportunities with the CORA Early Years Program to help prepare them beyond the Clarke School.

CORA Services Early Years has a tradition of educating youth for the past 35 years in the Fox Chase section of Philadelphia. Children ages 3 to 5 years of age participate in an enriched Keystone Star 3 program. Mary Doughty, Director of the CORA Early Years LaSalle, partnered with the Clarke School to open a preschool program that prepares children for the early elementary years. The child-centered program is located in adjacent to the Clarke School at 2 Penn Boulevard on LaSalle University’s campus. Open to the general public, students are engaged with purposeful play, planned trips and social interactions such as the Thanksgiving feast this past week.

LaSalle University is fully engaged to support CORA Early Years and Clarke School within the campus grounds. Higher education begins with the seed of learning at the earliest age of the formative years. Brother Joseph was welcomed by both school communities to eat and celebrate with the children. Families were entertained with the songs and dance of the holiday.

To learn more about the CORA Early Years LaSalle, contact 267-385-3436.

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