Importance of Early Childhood Education

CORA's Philosophy on Early Learning
August 22, 2017

CORA’s Early Years Preschool Programs (in the Fox Chase section of NE Philadelphia and on the campus of La Salle University) have been the foundation of education for many 2 ½ – 5 year-old children. For the kids, it may be their first experience in an organized, structured setting, with instructors, lessons and peers. For the parents, it may be the first time they are leaving their child/children in the care of adults other than themselves or close family members. Regardless of the particular situation, centers of early learning that are doing it well, are providing the kind of experience that introduces kids to school in a way that prepares them to embrace lifelong learning. School readiness—a young child’s preparation for K–12 success—is commonly discussed in early childhood education literature. Research has shown that preschool, particularly high-quality preschool, plays an important role in developing many of the cognitive and social skills that researchers as well as educators consider to be essential for school readiness


“We saw the Early Years sign in front of the building near our daughter Journie’s doctor’s office when she was around two years old. We realized that our daughter was eager to learn and socialize early. To encourage her enthusiasm and interests, we started the process of looking for a preschool that would stimulate her. From the minute I walked in the door, I could tell that CORA’s Early Years program had a caring culture. The staff showed genuine love for teaching and for the kids as individuals. The teacher instantly connected with Journie and we just knew this was the perfect place for her.”                                                             ~  Jess Simms, Early Years Parent. Read more here.


CORA excels at building trusting relationships in all of its programs and services, particularly with early childhood education. The preschool programs at Fox Chase and La Salle nurture warm relationships amongst the children, teachers and parents. A close personal connection is built between the staff and each child and their family that enables children to thrive, and parents to have confidence that their kids are safe, happy and learning. In two short years, CORA’s staff guide children to into becoming independent, inquisitive individuals that are better prepared for kindergarten and elementary school.

Our staff are schooled on how best to work with children to get them ready for their next step – kindergarten. Researchers have found that kids who have gone to center-based programs, that tend to offer more space, toys, educational materials, and a more-structured curriculum, prior to entering kindergarten, demonstrate better cognitive and language skills and have fewer behavior problems compared to children in family-based programs or in informal relative care. Studies have also proven that children thrive when there is consistency in care at home and in school. CORA’s instructors value our parents, and view them as the experts on what their children need to do well, but also keep open the lines of communication so it can be addressed if children are not meeting educational and developmental goals.

Parents discover that their child grows immensely when enrolled at CORA Early Years. Between the ages of 3 and 5, a child’s vocabulary grows from about 900 to 2,500+ words and their sentences become longer and more complex. CORA Early Years has a unique style which enriches language for the children. During circle time, without dominating the discussion, CORA staff help children stretch their language skills by asking thought-provoking questions and introducing new vocabulary words. Thoughtful inquiry and vocabulary enrichment is also incorporated during science and art, and other activities throughout the day, even snack time. Early Years children have many opportunities to sing, dance, listen to stories read aloud by staff and guest readers, talk about their favorite books and act out stories. Their cognitive skills are strengthened by engaging in a wide range of hands-on activities and games that challenge children to observe closely, ask questions, and problem solve.

CORA children love to play and children learn the most about interacting, sharing and relationships while playing with their peers. As their hand eye coordination and motor skills improve, children explore the inside and outside of our centers guided by caring and compassionate teachers. Our kids are in motion for a good portion of the day. The daily routine set up for them, allows time and appropriate indoor and outdoor space for running, jumping, climbing and other movement. Activities are offered to help children develop their fine motor skills, such as threading beads or cutting out shapes. Recently, our preschool children learned sign language and performed some of their songs, signing at their graduation ceremony.

CORA Early Years is dedicated to the development of the whole child (physically, emotionally, cognitively, and socially) to each one’s fullest potential. Griselle Morales, Early Years La Salle Director proudly says, “We offer a safe and nurturing environment that is both predictable and low stress. Our goal is to allow each child to grow and develop at their own pace using a variety of researched techniques to assist them in this process, making them productive members of a community of learners.”

CORA Early Years is licensed through the Department of Human Services, accepts CCIS, and is a participant of the Keystone STARS program.

~ Children are the Heart of the Matter ~


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