CORA Services Unveils a Refreshed Image: Mission and Vision Statements, Core Values, and a New Logo

April 24, 2024

Philadelphia, PA (April 25, 2024) – CORA Services, the most comprehensive Family Resource Center in Philadelphia, is proud to officially launch their new logo and the refinement of its mission and vision statements, core values, and logo that reflect CORA’s ongoing commitment to providing quality and compassionate service to children and families. 

Founded in 1971, CORA was built to broadly support a child’s development in the context of home, school, and community.  Due to its unique ability to holistically address complex needs and navigate systems, CORA has grown substantially, now touching the lives of over 20,000 children and young people each year, in over 250 schools across 38 zip codes in Philadelphia.  CORA has undergone this rebranding process to better align its visual identity and organizational values with its mission and vision for the future.   

“Our new logo and refined mission, vision, and values reflect CORA’s innovative- and forward-thinking,” said AnnMarie McDowell, President & CEO of CORA Services. “As we look to the future, we remain dedicated to the cornerstone of our mission and values while also embracing new models of service delivery that will have the greatest impact on those served. We are excited to continue serving our schools and communities with excellence and compassion.” 

With a history rooted in meeting the unique needs of each individual served, CORA Services remains a beacon of hope and support for those they support, guided by the values of compassion, zeal, dignity and worth, and humility. 

“CORA envisions a world in which children and young people can reach their fullest potential,” AnnMarie McDowell stated.  “This initiative underscores CORA’s dedication to remaining at the forefront of service provision, ensuring that we continue to meet the diverse needs of our community.” 

CORA Services invites members of the community to explore its updated website and learn more about its mission, vision, and values. For more information, please visit 


CORA Services, a nonprofit organization headquartered in the Fox Chase section of Northeast Philadelphia, exists to help children, youth and families experiencing academic, emotional, or social challenges. CORA provides comprehensive professional services focused on prevention, intervention, remediation, and referral assistance. In partnership with more than 250 schools throughout Philadelphia and Camden, CORA provides a wide range of academic and behavioral health services that include but are not limited to:  related services in school, behavioral health and psycho-educational assessments, intensive case management services, counseling, substance misuse supports, early childhood, early intervention, after-school and summer programs, workforce development and readiness, In addition and newly added to CORA’s array of services is CORA’s Good Shepherd Mediation programs, offering community and school-based mediation and restorative justice practices. For more information, visit  

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