The Hallmark of CORA – A Caring Workplace Family

The Recipe for Dedication and Service
January 15, 2019

Virginia Lenherr and Kevin Sokolowski


One might suggest that a successful supportive workplace is based on some of the attributes of a well-functioning family.

With your family, you should feel safe to cry, to learn, and to express uncommon kindness.  Safe to cry – that’s a must in Good Shepherd organizations because there is so much sadness in some of the difficult situations we encounter in today’s world.  At Good Shepherd organizations, Emotions are never forbidden, and colleagues are always quick to be supportive, never frightened by someone showing his or her “weakness”.  We recognize that compassion is a rare strength.  A workplace family is a place where you are safe to passionately uphold your opinions, share and laugh about your mistakes, and be brave enough to try new things.  At CORA, our core values of Individual Worth, Reconciliation, Mercy and Zeal encourage and empower staff day after day.

Old-fashioned kindness is important, of course, but it is the more personalized variety, the individualized, undivided caring and attentive compassion, that many feel exists among CORA’s staff, that can be described as uncommon kindness.  Our staff are reminded to observe and revere individual differences and preferences. And of course, remember each other’s favorite dessert on their birthday.  Recommending a book you know somebody will appreciate, inquiring about each others’ family members, sharing a significant experience, anticipating each other’s needs; all of these wonderful attributes help create a caring and workplace environment where people feel a sense of value and belonging.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2018 the average length of time an employee stayed with an employer was 4.2 years.  CORA Services, nonprofit agency established in 1971, blows that statistic out of the water!  At our 2018 staff holiday party in December, CORA publically acknowledged employees celebrating milestone years of service ranging from 5 years to 40 years!

One of the main ingredients to CORA’s notably impressive level of employee dedication is the calm and caring atmosphere you’ll experience the minute you enter the premises – this building was built in 2003, but even the old building fostered the same comfortable environment. Virginia (Ginny) Lenherr and Kevin Sokolowski have been with CORA for 40 years! They remember the old building well and they exemplify the uncommon kindness of CORA, the charism of Sr. Charity, and the welcoming quality our agency prides itself on.

Ginny began her CORA career in the Juniata satellite office in a storefront providing Act 89 services to students that were vanned in from area schools to receive reading and math services. After moving to Fox Chase she provided service to St. Ambrose. For the last 30 years, she has been at Our Lady of Calvary School and she brings her teaching expertise, her creativity, and generous spirit to each and every child she teaches.  She has also supported the Early Years program as the proud mom of 3 Early Years graduates.  For the last 3 years, she has supported the NPSS teachers and supervisors in her role and has brought a wealth of knowledge to the program with practicality, precision, and a warm loving spirit.

Kevin works for our Facilities department and wears many different hats.  On some days, he can be seen driving the CORA school bus, transporting students to and from our CDRC program.  Other days, you’ll find Kevin doing snow removal or lawn work – he’s always found caring for CORA’s facility and grounds with pride, like they are his own home. Kevin’s activities also include playing Santa Claus and providing DJ services at many fun and memorable CORA functions.

Sally Groverman has been a CORA Counselor for 20 years. She currently provides counseling at Maternity B.V.M. and Immaculate Heart of Mary Elementary. She more than capably meets the complex challenges of the students and families she serves and often goes above and beyond to meet the needs and requests of her schools. Her principals are grateful for her professional expertise and the calm approach she uses in supporting them. She is considered to be a valuable member of both of her school communities.



CORA salutes our dedicated employees celebrating 15 years –  

  • Joseph Burkhimer (shown above)
  • Susan Moore
  • Letita Senior
  • Beverly Snyder (shown above)
  • Florence Waring
  • Lynne Wohlner

Michelle Lodise, Katie Tidey, Matt Johnson, Amy Bitting

For 10 years of service, CORA is grateful to –

  • Amy Bitting
  • Matthew Johnson
  • Michelle Lodise
  • Katherine Tidey
  • Maryann Vogler



And last but not least, CORA thanks our 5-year crew!

  • Marrissa Curran
  • Brittany Engle
  • Keelan Ferry
  • Maren Haas Mahoney
  • Jessica Kilpatrick
  • Jamie Kuchar
  • Elizabeth La Salle
  • Stephanie Rodgers
  • Susan Ruggiero
  • Natividad Vargas
  • Pamela Vassilikos

By Lisa Radecke, CORA Services HR Director

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