Professional Development

Hot Topics in Ethics: Applying Positive Ethics to Therapeutic Practice, Consultation and Intervention

This is a vignette-based workshop focusing on the issues that generate the most questions to local, state, and national ethics committees. In addition to boundary issues and confidentiality, topics include end of… [Read More]

Looking Closely Thinking Critically

Art is a powerful tool for developing critical thinking skills. When we closely observe and thoughtfully respond to art, we make informed interpretations based on visual evidence. As we share our thoughts… [Read More]

Literacy Happens at CORA

Thursdays March 7th, March 14th, March 21st, March 28th 5:30-6:30 p.m. Studies show that the earlier children can become engaged with literature, the better. Hosted by Eric J. Smith, MA, CCC-SLP/L, and… [Read More]

Accommodating Across Developmental Stages to Enhance Positive Classroom Management

This presentation will engage participants in learning about development stages from infancy to age 18. Issues we will consider: how chronological age expectations can interfere with responding effectively to the developmental needs… [Read More]

Parenting Classes with Lifeline (Evening Session)

For Parents, Grandparents, Foster Guardians Earn a parenting certificate with the Nurturing Parenting curriculum. CORA’s Lifeline Expert, Roxanne Green will facilitate healthy and family relationship tips to ensure a positive parenting role in the… [Read More]

Center, Ground, and Become Unwound: Embracing a Mindfulness-Based Practice as a Counselor

Mindfulness, originally rooted in ancient Eastern-world religious and spiritual philosophies, has gained rising attention over the last 60 years in the West. With this western emergence and growing anecdotal reports of success… [Read More]

Cultivating a Growth Mindset and Fostering Grit in Students

Registration is full.  This workshop was rescheduled from February 2019 due to weather conditions. Any previous registrations will be transferred to the class. There are still a few open slots for registrations. … [Read More]

School Age Children Who Stutter: Assessing and Treating the Impact on Their World

The purpose of this workshop is to provide clinicians with the tools to assess the real-life impact that stuttering has on the child and their family by identifying various factors which affect… [Read More]

Working with Human Trafficking Victims

This workshop will provide a basic understanding of human trafficking and how to identify victims through screening. It will also provide an understanding of how to work with victims once identified and… [Read More]

Teaching and Parenting Mindfully

The purpose of this workshop is to explore how mindfulness skills can be helpful in navigating the challenges of teaching and parenting. Bringing mindfulness to the relationship you have with your children… [Read More]

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